Transformers ran for the last time in 2023.

For the current holiday carrying on its work, please visit Livewires.

Christian technology holiday for 14-18s

If you want to use multimedia and technology while going deeper with God then come and be Transformed!

Transformers is a residential Scripture Union activity holiday for 14 to 18 year olds. It’s run by a team of dedicated volunteers who are excited by the possibilities that technology offers, just as much as you are!

With professional software and equipment, an array of musical instruments, and all sorts of programming languages, our team can help you make the most of it all.

There’s also time to relax or get involved with games, sports, and a party. We’ll worship the most creative person we know (God!) and look at what he has said through the Bible about the things that matter. End the week with the talent show and go home equipped with loads of new skills.

You can find out more about the history of the holiday and where we’re based, or book your place on this year’s holiday.

Tech Activities

We take our tech seriously at Transformers. Each day we’ll spend focused time in technical activities, levelling up our skills. Our diverse team mostly work in the tech sector and can offer you the opportunity to learn more about Photography, Videography, Music Production and Coding.

Working in small groups or individually, we’ll help you build projects to be proud of, that you can share with your friends and family after the holiday.  As well as working alongside your new-found friends during the week, you’ll have a chance to showcase your creations at the end of the week in the talent show.

Situated in a boarding school with extensive grounds, there are plenty of locations for a photoshoot or creating a dramatic set.  We have access to classrooms to create our own computer labs, and the space to put together a full live/sound stage for audio recording and performance.

We encourage you to bring your own equipment, be it your favourite camera, an instrument or just some board games to play with others.  And, above all else, bring imagination, creativity and fun as we spend a week creating amazing things together.

In Photography, you’ll learn that there’s more to it than just point and click.  We can help you master all the stages of the photography workflow, from composition and equipment choices all the way through to compositing and colour matching.  Bring your imagination and build a portfolio to be proud of.

In the Music activity it won’t matter if you prefer to be behind the mic or a desk.  From composition to mastering, you’ll have the opportunity to explore music technology as we imagine, record and master your own musical creations.  Bring your own instruments/effects/tech to share with others, and try things you’ve never thought of before.

In the computer lab, you can code to your hearts content.  Come with a plan and we’ll help you get your head around the whole process, from initial idea to debugging and playtesting.  Build a game, or design a website, or just make that cool algorithm work ’cause you’ve always wanted to.  We can help you get your project working, or work on your code cleanliness, or even have a peek into how a software team works on a larger project.

Meanwhile, in Video Production you could be devising, shooting and editing your own movies. Whatever the genre, we can help you understand how to plan and capture your vision faithfully, and have a lot of fun along the way.  Prefer to be on the screen instead of behind the camera? Not a problem – help out by taking a starring role in one of the groups creations!

Find out more about our technical activities programme and take a look at some past projects »

Spiritual Programme

God is a huge part of Transformers. We’re a Christian holiday, endorsed by Scripture Union, and as well as spending a lot of time getting to know each other as we work on creative projects together and relax during our free time, we’ll also be spending time getting to know God better.

That doesn’t mean you have to be a Christian to take part.  Transformers is open to everyone who’s interested in learning more about God, no matter where they’re at with their faith.  

There are two different study strands every year at Transformers: one a more traditional ‘Bible Study’ performed in small groups, and the other a workshop activity linked to our daily worship sessions. Through both, our team are on hand to answer questions and help you explore your idea of faith in an unpressured environment.

Wherever you’re at, come join us for a week and take the opportunity to speak to people of all ages about your faith, in a safe and non-judgmental space, surrounded by the technology we all love.

Free Time and Special Events

With all the learning opportunities around God and technology, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s all work, but we set time aside just for fun as well!

There are a host of social activities throughout the week, and the daily opportunity to spend your free time doing whatever you want – from playing sports outside, to just reading a book or hanging out over a board game.

The banquet, offers the chance to dress up smart and enjoy a (semi) formal meal and have some great portraits taken while you’re looking your smartest. Our party night is an excuse to get the fancy dress out (or not, if you’d rather avoid it) and enjoy an night of music and dancing with people you won’t be embarrassed by, while celebrating the ‘theme’ of the year (previous years include ‘Time Travel’, ‘the beach’ and ‘Christmas’).  And at the end of the holiday, there’s a chance to showcase everything you’ve done throughout the week, as well as just show off what you can do, in our talent show.