Free Time Activities

tmp.resized.IMGP0925Free Time

There’ll be a host of board games, old and new, to challenge you in your spare time – or if you’re more inclined to the outdoors there’ll be football, ultimate frisbee, a wide game and other sports.

The Day Out

Just to break things up a little bit, we’ll take one day off the site and go for an exciting day out somewhere completely different. Ticket price and packed lunch are included, but you might want money to buy snacks.

The Banquet

Get dressed up in your Sunday best formal dress for the annual traditional Banquet.

The Party

Even the geekiest of us have to let our hair down once in a while. And the late-night party offers ample opportunity to do that. We encourage fancy dress, but for the purposes of creating dramatic tension we can’t possibly tell you what the theme is yet. Don’t worry – you’ll know in plenty of time to prepare a costume.

The Talent Show

Round off the week by showing the rest of the holiday what you’ve done, and what else you can do! We’ll always see the results of the week’s technical activities, but the best surprises are the short dramas, sketches, and songs that people put on just for the show.