Take control of your computer and make it obey your every whim! From absolute beginners to übergeeks we’ve the material to get you started, or the skills to help you with your own latest project.

Introductory Programming

If you’ve ever wondered how to get a computer to do what you want it to, or you’ve got a great idea for a new computer game, then you’ll need to know how to program a computer. Let it do far more than just write e-mails or letters. Let it do what you want (well, hopefully!) Learn how programs work inside, how they interact, and the challenges and possibilities facing the programmer. What steps do you need to carry out to take a design, say for a game of Pacman, and translate it into a playable program with graphics and sound effects? What decisions do you have to make, and how do you get your ideas across to the computer? And what makes a program a good one anyway? If you’d like to find out, choose Introductory Programming!

We’ll be continuing to use the Python programming language, and our own module that will help you in creating impressive games with graphics and sound effects.

Advanced Programming

If you’ve already written some programs and want to learn more, then you may be interested in our advanced programming group. For example, you can learn how to build scripted web pages, which can change each time they’re viewed or when someone fills in a form, or just make website maintenance easier. If you’ve got your own programming projects or aspirations, bring them along and our experienced team will help in whatever way we can. When completing your activity questionnaire, please give us as many details as possible about any languages or technologies you are interested in using.