Past Projects

Follow the links below to see some of our projects from previous years.



Aaliyah, Daniel, Dan, Aimee and Brian took part in the Photography activity


James created Eyes.

Chris created Disco Snake.

Charlotte created Blocks.

Daniel created Blocks.

Jacob created Asteroids.



We created some wonderful works of art using Zoom’s Whiteboard!

Music Recording

Jonno, Gracey, Simeon, Joel, Tim and Mikey created Sound Worlds.


Charlotte, Gracey, Aimee, Brian and Lili took part in the Photography activity.


Simeon created a text-based Minesweeper game and a graphical Minesweeper game.

Sam created a game called Abstractategy.

James created a Client Server with Logging.

Chris created a Client Server with Keypresses.

Charlotte created her first webpage.

Video Production

Joel, Jonno, Ben, Owen and Tim created That Turlough Noise, with cameos from Christine, Mikey, Rachel and Aimee.



Video Production

Grace, Tavonga, Jonno, Jotham, Timothy, Ben, Owen, Will, Aimee and Ben created Steine, Storytime With Elvis and Thaw and the Fireman.

Joel created a short animation called Ball Tale.



Music Recording

Abbi, Matt, Adam, Mikey and Tim created Change.

Video Production

Matt, Chris, James, Jonno, Alex, Emilie, James, Ben, Will, Owen, Mikey and Tim created Tranquility: Behind the Truth, Cereal Killer,  Birdsouth! and Walking Tutorial.



Older projects can be found on our YouTube and Soundcloud pages.